Extended Day Care

2019-2020 School Year

Extended Day Care (ED) is not available on the school campus during the 2019-2020 school year.

Please check with the following after-care facilities near our campus. These have either picked up students from Denton Classical Academy in the past (noted with an asterisk), or have indicated a willingness to begin afternoon carline pickup at our school.

1) City of Denton Parks & Recreation

Denia Recreation Center After-school care (Numbers are limited; Register early)

PH: 940-349-8730 (Sara Farris)

WEB: https://secure.rec1.com/TX/city-of-denton-tx/catalog

> Click on "Camps and Childcare"

> Scroll down to "Afterschool Childcare"

> You will see that Denton Classical has been added to the Denia Rec Center Pick-up list

> Click on "2019-2020 Denia ASAS" (The amount shown is spread out over 10 months, August - May.)

2) Childcare Network *

5025 Teasley Ln., Denton, Texas 76210

PH: 940-222-4672

FAX: 940-591-9857

WEB: https://schools.childcarenetwork.com/tx/denton/5025-teasley-lane

EMAIL: cni262@childcarenetwork.com

3) TMA Taekwondo After-school care *

5017 Teasley Ln. #121, Denton, Texas 76210

PH: 940-382-8353

WEB: https://www.tmadenton.com/after-school-care

EMAIL: tmadenton@gmail.com

4) The Clubhouse (at TWU) *

Lowry Woods Community Center

1600 Oakland Street, Denton, Texas

PH: 940-898-3676

FAX: 940-898-3638

WEB: https://www.twu.edu/housing/family-housing/school-age-childrens-enrichment-program-the-clubhouse/

EMAIL: SGuyton@twu.edu

5) Terry's Treehouse Learning Center

(Will need 3 DCA students for carline pickup)

4025 Teasley Ln., Denton, Texas 76210 (directly behind the 7-11 store)

PH: 940-243-2273

WEB: https://www.terrystreehousedenton.com

EMAIL: melissa@terrystreehousedenton.com

6) Becky's Country Kiddie Barn

6189 FM 1830, Argyle, Texas 76226

PH: 940-241-1341

7) The Kids Zone

3730 E. McKinney St., Suite 101 Denton, Texas 76208

PH: 940-218-6183

WEB: https://www.thekidszonedenton.com

EMAIL: kid_zone1716@yahoo.com